Our Philosophy

Passion. Loyalty. Dedication. Accountability.

Regency Law Group was founded by Eric C. Nanayakkara and Gregory P. Mallia, two experienced lawyers who believe excellence is born by the values that define the core of our law firm:  Passion, Loyalty, Dedication and Accountability.

After years of working together, our founders arrived at the shared belief that the practice of law is about more than just providing excellent legal services at a fair price.  They insist that providing optimum legal service is predicated on fostering real relationships with clients and building strength in those relationships through a steadfast commitment to our firm’s core values.  Simply put, Passion, Loyalty, Dedication and Accountability serve as the framework for every decision Regency Law Group makes.

In the courtroom, our lawyers combine our core values with the fearless representation of the interests of our clients. In the office, our lawyers, clerks, staff and administration uphold the firm’s values by promoting client accessibility, honest communication and focused attention to each of our client’s specific needs.

Regency Law Group is the rebirth of the practice of law.  We are a firm built on core values that serve as the driver of excellent results.  With the strength of the entire Regency Law Group, our firm is truly at your service.