Areas of Practice

Employment Law

Our employment lawyers understand that an employment relationship is extremely important to the livelihood of employees, businesses and families alike. The ability to contribute, provide and grow is vital to both employees and employers.

Our employment law team advises employers and employees on solutions to workplace disputes, terminations, human rights issues, employment standards and post-employment obligations.

Our employment lawyers are well versed in strategies that prevent workplace disputes, saving you time, money and unnecessary conflict. This includes the preparation of employment contracts as well as confidentiality, non-compete, and non-solicitation agreements. We also frequently advise on the best methods of ending an employment relationship to minimize future conflict and legal exposure.

The reality is that sometimes employment issues cannot be avoided. When that happens our employment lawyers are well prepared to vigorously protect our clients’ interest at negotiations, mediations, court proceedings, the Human Rights Tribunal and Labour Boards.

Please contact our employment law department by calling our main line at 905-383-0500.